I woke up screaming this morning…

scream1Seriously, I woke up screaming this morning… and then I had to apologise to everyone in the staff meeting…

Have we all gone completely, stark raving mad in the recruitment industry?

We have Sales meetings on a Monday morning, One-on-Ones on a Tuesday, a mid-week meeting on Wednesday to review the Sales meeting and the One-on-Ones from Monday & Tuesday… sometimes a Client Account Management meeting on a Thursday, and generally a week in review meeting on a Friday. Not to mention all of the client meetings, candidate meetings, AA meetings etc. etc. etc.

I call bullsh*t! Recruitment business owners, stop wasting hours every week in meetings and then question why your consultants didn’t have enough time for activity… it’s not fair… and it’s not productive!

I remember my last role as a Consultant. We used to have daily ‘To Do Lists’ to keep focused. I used to call mine a ‘Ta Da List’ because it was a bloody miracle if I got time to complete any of the tasks due to the flood of internal meetings we had to attend!

Don’t get me wrong, it is important to hold a weekly meeting with your staff… see what I did there? ‘a’ meeting… as in singular…
scream2We work in an industry where time is a thief… you are often competing with competitors, clients and candidates all at the same time. You need to be intuitive, proactive, nimble, flexible and available… overburdening your staff with constant meetings is the enemy to all of the above.

So… cut down on the meetings and let your staff recruit… I guarantee you will see better results!

Oh… and isn’t it great that Summer is on the way? Means we can get back to slapping people and blaming it on mosquitoes!


Craig Watson


4 thoughts on “I woke up screaming this morning…

  1. Colin Grant on Reply

    Ha ha, brilliant!

    I concur, recruiters should look to how my some friends in the digital marketing space and how they run their teams, usually from the other side of the world.

    Do you think it’s paranoia around cashflow or they just don’t know another way to feel in control?

  2. Rachel Brown on Reply

    I loved reading this and yes it is all true. I kind of miss recruitment but I don’t miss the pressure that is placed on a sales person from all of these meetings. Not conducive to a good day.

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