I Quit…

Easy to say… hard to do.


Well to be honest it’s not even that easy to say. Resigning is ranked in the top 3 most difficult life decisions… just after marriage and buying a house.

It’s a big deal for most people, particularly if you like the people you work with.

But… let’s take it back a few steps.

You have sourced the perfect candidate. The role meets all of their expectations… short, mid and long term… The client can’t believe how good they are. You are secretly patting yourself on the back… but… your job is far from done.

quit1My Dad worked for the same company – in almost in the same role – for over 30 years. He hated the company and he hated his job… he liked the people and was afraid of resigning… so he stayed. And that was despite having a number of opportunities presented to him over the journey.

Times have changed… sure, but there are still people out there… just like my Dad… up to 15 people out of every 100 (that’s 15% in old currency they say), who are just too scared to resign… and will stay.

You need to act as their counsellor, advisor and support when managing the resignation process… and then… your job is still far from over.

Did you know statistics show that about 30% of candidates get counter-offered? And about 1 in 3 candidates accept counter offers.

So, without intervention 15% of your candidates won’t resign, because they are too scared… and another 10% of your candidates will accept a counter offer, because they are too stupid. That means you could conceivably lose 25% of candidates at the end of a process. It makes you want to punch someone right?

Let’s look at it another way. If you are a $400k biller, you could be losing an additional $100k a year in billings… Ouch!

Trouble is… candidates aren’t the only ones who are scared. Usually, you are too.

quit3Sorry, I’m not trying to offend… but if the cap fits wear it. (on the other hand do not… I repeat do not wear an ill-fitting cap. It will destroy your cred and on a hot, windy summer’s day the likelihood is that you will lose said cap… in a particularly strong gust of wind and end up with a nasty sun burn… too nasty to think about.).

Recruiters are often managed as much by their pipeline as their results. If you have a juicy placement sitting in your pipeline, WIP (or whatever it is called in your business), recruiters can be too scared to close. But the best recruiters aren’t scared. They are fearless… they manage the process at every stage… and their results reflect this.
Try these today.

  1. Ask More Questions – If you have a great candidate sitting across the table from you… (You know… their experience, personality, motivators etc. fit the role – for them and the client.). Ask them more Ask them how they feel about resigning. Ask them how they would manage it. Ask them if they would like some support from you. Ask them if they would like you to write the resignation letter for them. Be their counsellor.
  2. Close off the Counter-offer – Tell the candidate that they are good. Tell them that the likelihood is that they will be counter-offered. Find out why they want to leave. Reinforce that if their current employer valued them these reasons wouldn’t exist. Ask them if there is anything their current employer could do that would make them want to stay…

And then… reinforce the above 2 points all the way through the recruitment process.

It won’t work all the time, but it will improve your success rate.

And after all… you do want to become a better recruiter… don’t you?

Craig Watson



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