Welcome to The Written Reference

Welcome to The Written Reference – a new weekly blog from the keyboards of R2R specialists Craig Watson and Luke Collard.

Passionate recruiters and social media enthusiasts, we have both been blogging about all things recruitment for the last year.  Encouraged by the feedback and  success of our individual blogs, we have now  combined our efforts. The result is The Written Reference.

The Written Reference  is a look at the recruitment industry, sometimes serious but often light hearted. It aims to engage and advise the recruitment industry in current and relevant topics. We encourage feedback and believe the issues and challenges in our industry are better tackled via interaction and comment.  If you like what we say, or think we are talking nonsense let us know. We hope you enjoy and  look forward to developing a ‘thought community’ that offers real value to recruiters in Australia and beyond.

 Happy reading

 Craig & Luke


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  1. Tim Spagnola on Reply

    Craig/Luke – best of luck to you both on your new blog. Your views and insights have always been a pleasure to read. We hope you also continue to keep your voice in the mix within the RBC. Cheers!

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