Fantasy Recruitment – whose in your team?

fantasyI admit that I was struggling to come up with something to write about for this week’s blog. It’s not that it hasn’t been a typically eventful week in our office with the usual mix of champagne and razorblades. But last night, when I should have been thinking about what to write, picking my Supercoach team distracted me. Supercoach is the equivalent of the various Fantasy Football type games for AFL – the concept being that you pick an imaginary team of players within a certain budget and ‘manage’ them through the season, scoring points based on their individual performance.

I admit that I have a bit of a problem with the time I spend on these things…hence why I am scratching around now trying to think of recruitment related topic to blog about. So, killing two birds with one stone…..let’s play Fantasy Recruitment ….bear with me…it’s not as stupid as it sounds….well maybe it is but …..

The rules are simple:

– You have a budget of $100m

– Select players from the following ‘positions’

Administrator – $5k….A purely support role.

Resourcer – $10k….A non-billing role whose function is to generate candidates for the recruiters.

Rookie – $15k.…..An entry-level role, where the person has no proven track record in recruitment. They may be a mature age rookie who is transferring into recruitment from a different background.

Mid-level Recruiter $25k…. Established in recruitment with a consistent track record of billings. May or may not have the ability to bring clients with them.

Elite Recruiter $40k…..Top of their market with a consistent track record of major billings. Should be able to bring clients with them.

Manager $25k…..Non billing role.

– 1 point is awarded for every $1 billed

– The aim is simply to score as high as possible over the year.

Normal rules of recruitment apply….and just like real life there is no guarantees. So a rookie might out bill an elite recruiter; and a bunch of roookies with a dedicated Manager will probably do better then a bunch without a Manager. A resourcer who can generate candidates for the team, or an administrator who can release recruiters to focus more on billing activity might increase the billings of your recruiters…or maybe they won’t!

So how would you go about creating your fantasy recruitment team? Would you simply stack it with a bunch of rookies and hope for the best? Or would you use most of your budget on a couple of elite recruiters, and give them a resource or administrator? Would you even bother with any support function – or is that just a waste of your budget?

It’s just a bit of fun…..but might actually get you thinking about your own business, how it is structured and where you focus your budget.

And if you do like this sort of thing, feel free to join our Supercoach team here and our league code is 708043.

Luke Collard


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