Everybody Wants to Rule the World…

And believe me, it’s just as true today as it was back in 1985 when the good folk from Tears for Fears smashed out that massive hit!

It’s that time of year Down Under when recruitment businesses are rolling out their plans for the next Financial Year. They have been in strategy meetings, setting goals and basically refining their assault on ruling the recruitment world.

Over the last fortnight I have been to 14 clients meetings, the majority of them new clients who have called me in to discuss ‘their plans for the coming year…’

And here is a snippet of one of those meetings…

‘So, Craig… what do you know about Supertramp Recruitment?’ Mr Hodgson asked.

‘Well,’ I responded… smug in the knowledge that I had done my homework. ‘I understand that you along with Rick Davies founded Supertramp Recruitment back in Melbourne back in the 70’s. You have 3 offices up the East Coast of Australia and around 14 Consultants…’

’15.’ Mr Hodgson interjected.

’15…’ I nodded. ‘Your specialities include Technical Engineering, Banking & IT. I see from your website that you have a mix of clients from large corporate to SME’s. I couldn’t find a company page on LinkedIn… or a Facebook page… or Twitter presence.’

‘That’s because we don’t have that.’ He interjected.

‘That’s because you don’t have that…’ I repeated… nodding. ‘On your website you say you are different from your competitors, because you truly care about people…’ now he was nodding… with a strange cat that got the canary type smile on his face.cat-who-ate-the-canary

‘So why don’t I expand a little on that.’ He interjected… again.

‘Please…’ I nodded.

‘Well…’ Mr Hodgson began. ‘We believe that it is time to take it up a notch, and really go after market share. We plan to use our points of difference to increase revenue by 30% over the next 12 months. We will do that by a combination of improving current consultant’s productivity and immediately hiring 4 new consultants… and that is where you come in.’ as he swept his arm theatrically towards me.

‘And how…’ I asked. ‘Will you make your consultants more productive?’

He looked at me as if to say… you know nothing… Craig Watson…

‘Simply… we will slightly raise our activity expectations and ensure our consultants are speaking about our points of difference to clients.’

‘Right.’ I nodded… again. ‘So just that I’m completely on the same page… what are your points of difference again?’

Mr Davies sighed. It was an exasperated sigh. One directed right between my eyes… presumably where he felt my stupidity originated.

‘As we previously touched on… our clear point of difference is around how we care about our people.’ Seems I wasn’t one of his people. ‘Clients, candidates and of course our consultants. And that is how you are going to get the best consultants in the market to come and join us…’

The meeting went on for 30 minutes or so. I suggested that he retain us to source and engage the best people for him. He said ‘No.’ and I left the office humming… Dreamer… you’re nothing but a Dreamer… see what I did there?

Point is every business wants to get better… be more efficient… more productive… win market share… and maybe… just maybe… rule the world.

But unless you have clear point of difference. A value proposition that attracts great consultants and a real desire to work collaboratively with your rec2rec… there’s a very strong chance you will be in exactly same position next year… with little, or no improvement. And I’m pretty sure that’s no way to Rule the World. Am I Right?

Craig Watson


7 thoughts on “Everybody Wants to Rule the World…

  1. Ross Clennett on Reply

    As much as I enjoyed, and completely agree with the topic of the blog, I especially (as a music tragic) appreciated the Supertramp references. Roger Hodgson must be really regretting that he let his claim to the Supertramp name go on the basis of a verbal agreement that is now not being honoured by his band co-founder. You’re a DREAMER if you expect people to honour things that are not recorded in some way (another blog there – consultants being ‘promised’ equity down the track then, guess what happens when down the track is reached…….?)

  2. Charles H on Reply

    Good blog- I did 2.5 years in r2r in the UK and the core problem for most companies is they can’t articulate what makes them different to all the other agencies out there, yet they think they can.

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