Does the average Recruitment Consultant have 2 heads?

mirror111Funny isn’t it? We sit next to, drink with and bitch about those we work with on a daily basis…

Most of us even ‘dip the toe in the water’ from time to time to see what might be out there for us at other recruitment agencies. Most of the time decisions to stay or go are made via a combination of culture fit and what the hell they will pay us…

And this got me thinking… what does the average recruitment consultant in Australia look like? Not necessarily our physical features – there has already been countless studies attesting to what we already know. In short we are the best looking and smartest of all professions… but that aside no-one has ever really asked consultants about themselves.

Sure, there are quarterly surveys completed by business owners for their viewpoint on the industry, but what about the grass roots? The coalface? The frontline? Blah, blah, blah.

So I thought… what about a very short census for the recruitment consultant? We could really find out a thing ,or two about ourselves, the industry, and what actually works…

mirror_homerSo, without further ado, I am going to ask you all a huge favour…

Please click on the link below and complete the Recruitment Consultant Survey.

It is completely anonymous, it will take you less than 3 minutes and I will be publishing details (where relevant) across future blogs…

Two things though are extremely important

  1. You must be a current Recruitment Consultant (doesn’t matter what level), Resourcer, Team Leader or Manager to complete the survey.
  2. Please be honest. I really want the data to be clean – and a truthful representation of our industry.

I would love to bribe you with a reward, or prize – but I can’t… It’s anonymous remember?

So, if you care about the recruitment industry… no, if you care about me… forget that, if you care about your mother – you WILL complete the survey by clicking below… please.

Enter Recruitment Consultant Census

Craig Watson


7 thoughts on “Does the average Recruitment Consultant have 2 heads?

    1. Craig Watson rec-to-rec on Reply

      Yes Andrew.
      Everybody who completes the survey is aware that their privacy is protected and anonymity guaranteed.
      However, the reason for collecting this data is to definitely publically share the findings and research. None of this will happen until we pass 500 respondents.

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