Dear Candidate……

ImageDear Candidate

Let’s get something clear up front. I work for you. OK, you don’t pay me, but I still work for you.  I also work for my client, but without you I wouldn’t have a business.

But here is the thing…. I can only do a good job for you if you let me.

I deal with a lot of potential candidates. However, many of those will only ever get a cursory ‘thanks, but no thanks’ email from me, or a quick conversation on the phone. You see, I am picky about who I decide to invest my time in.  So, if I have spent an hour or so getting to know you, talking about your experience and career aspirations, and I still want to work with you it is because I can help you (and yes, you can help me). If you don’t think the same, then just tell me. I’m a big boy and I can take rejection.

But if we are going to work together, then let’s do exactly that.  

Because, I can make you aware of those jobs that are not being advertised. I might also be able to help you secure a role with a company where there is no vacancy. I can make sure that a company look beyond your CV and really understand who you are and where you are coming from. And if you don’t want to waste your time talking to the wrong companies, then I can make sure that happens. If you want to really know what a company are like, beyond the sales pitch on their website, then I can tell you the truth. If you want an insight into the personality of the person who is interviewing you, and what they are really looking for, then I give you that. And if you want someone to go into bat for you to get the money you want, then guess what…here I am!

But, I am not in the habit of begging, chasing you around town like a lost puppy, or having my time wasted. So do me a favour. Return my phone calls and emails… not in a few days time but as soon as you can please. Be honest with me about everything and don’t lie. We are all adults here. And if you change your mind about something, let me know. Most of all, put some faith in me – I know what I am doing and I can help you.

We can do great things together, but only if you let me.

Kind regards






5 thoughts on “Dear Candidate……

  1. Rob on Reply

    I`m sure some candidates would look at this and write something a little harsher to many recruiters …. The sad reality is most recruiters treat candidates like a commodity and put a dollar value on their heads. If recruiters did actually invest time into people (on the whole – I know many do but many more who dont) then the relationship would work better.

    I imagine a candidate letter going something like –

    Dear Recruiter

    You work for me … why do you never return my calls … I only want feedback from that interview you sent me to over a week ago now … oh I wasnt successful?! How quickly did you get back to the candidate that was? …

    I could go on ….

    Seems a little aloof given a recruiters knowledge of the perception of the industry. Trust can only be built over time and with people operating like the above candidates will continue to put recruiters all in one basket.

    1. lukecollard on Reply

      Agree Rob…for many candidates, their experience of recruiters is poor and they would be well justified in writing that letter….or something a bit harsher. It will always be the case that the good element of our industry gets tarnished by the poor operators out there. Cheers for commenting

  2. Nova on Reply

    Well said. I think this goes for any line of business. Respond! If someone didn’t have what you were looking for, TELL THEM! How else will they learn to improve or learn to move, or how long will they hold out hope they will eventually get that call?

    I need a recruiter like you! 😉

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