Rip up the Recruitment Consultant job spec….it’s out of date.

Over the last couple of years or so there has been endless chat around the recruitment fire camp that things are changing. Depending on who you listen to, we are somewhere between the dawn of an exciting era in recruitment…or the end of the world as we know it. The rise of social media and … Continue reading “Rip up the Recruitment Consultant job spec….it’s out of date.”

Recruiter Etiquette 101

I was booked on an early flight this morning. Trouble is, I live about an hour or so away from the airport… so that meant a 4:30am start for me. No biggie. I made it with time to spare… and was milling around the gate with other commuters… It was about 30 minutes before boarding, … Continue reading “Recruiter Etiquette 101”

Recruitment… it’s all about the show!

Two recruiters meet in a coffee shop (where else !)… Recruiter 1…”So, how is business?” Recruiter 2…”Amazing. We have just had our record month. ” Recruiter 1…”Us too… and next month is looking even better” Recruiter 3 (sitting at the next table)…”Same here” Recruiter 4 (sitting with Recruiter 3)… “And me” Whole coffee shop in … Continue reading “Recruitment… it’s all about the show!”

All recruiters are cockroaches…

Hey… don’t blame me… wasn’t my idea… seriously… you think I’d call my own industry a bunch of darkness dwelling, creepy crawly germ infested bugs? Again… not my description… you can thank Wikipedia for that! So… back to cockroaches. I’m writing this post from one of the most beautiful places in the world (you can … Continue reading “All recruiters are cockroaches…”

Recruiters… maybe my hips do… but the stats don’t lie…

So… we’re all sick of being told how crap we are right? Next to politicians and Lindsay Lohan… and maybe the Bieber, recruiters are right up there at getting a pretty universal bad rap… I hate it… I hate the fact that a very small percentage of bad recruiters spoil it for the rest of … Continue reading “Recruiters… maybe my hips do… but the stats don’t lie…”

What makes a recruitment agency ‘the best’?

What makes a recruitment agency ‘the best’? Well up until recently it was seemingly based purely on how many people an agency could get to vote for them in the SEEK awards. Whilst there are other industry awards, the ones run by SEEK have arguably been seen as the biggest, and therefore in a lot … Continue reading “What makes a recruitment agency ‘the best’?”

7 Traits of Great Recruiters…

So… you want to be a recruiter… or… you want to be a better recruiter? Well listen closely my friends… I speak conservatively to 5 recruitment people a day – Consultants, Managers & Owners. Well I don’t speak conservatively… I conservatively speak… if you get my drift… Geez… how 70’s is that? Drift… These Consultants, … Continue reading “7 Traits of Great Recruiters…”

Experience required …..why?

Why is the recruitment industry so obsessed with hiring experienced recruiters? I don’t want to underplay what we do as recruiters but, for all its challenges, let’s be honest it isn’t rocket science. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence, an outgoing personality and good communication skills can become a good recruiter …many have carved out a successful … Continue reading “Experience required …..why?”

Takin’ them to the edge…

You’ve been there before… it’s D-Day… (well actually it’s today, but let’s not split hairs)… after a painfully long process the offer has finally come through from the client. It’s a good offer… actually a great offer. You got the salary your candidate wanted & a clear career path. The client will invest in professional … Continue reading “Takin’ them to the edge…”

Recruiters… low will you go?

I tend not to get too bothered about most of those annoying things that are sent to challenge us recruiters. People turn down jobs. Clients make crazy decisions. Stuff happens. It is not that I don’t care…I just accept that there are some things that are out of my control and there is no point … Continue reading “Recruiters… low will you go?”