See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

My mother told me never to tell fibs. And it is a lesson well served in recruitment.  Don’t get me wrong; I am certainly no angel. But apart from the fact that I am no good at fibbing – I go red and sweaty (not a good look!) – it ultimately makes little sense in … Continue reading “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

Are you getting your piece of the pie?

Recruitment is largely seen as a sales role, and similar to any sales role commission and bonuses typically make up a large part of a recruiters package. Now, you can agree or disagree with this principal, and some would question whether in fact this is the right approach or is actually the thing that drives … Continue reading “Are you getting your piece of the pie?”

Success v success ….?

“So, tell me how successful have you been in your current role?” …… This is a question that I ask every recruiter who I meet.  It is also a question that all of my clients will ask when interviewing a potential new hire, and probably something that most recruiters would expect to be asked by … Continue reading “Success v success ….?”

Bad recruiters…..what about bad candidates?

Recently, we have been helping a client hire rookies, that is people without recruitment experience looking to break into the industry. Our client does not have too many hard and fast set criteria about someone’s background or education….but what they really want is for candidates to show the right behaviour. As such, our recruitment process has … Continue reading “Bad recruiters…..what about bad candidates?”

10 (not so serious) predictions for recruitment 2014

So…the end is near…. and now we’ve reached the final curtain…for 2013 anyway. And, as seems customary around this time of the year, the blogosphere will be full of reviews of the year just gone and predictions about the next. These will appear alongside the painfully obvious “15 Things Not To Do At Your Christmas … Continue reading “10 (not so serious) predictions for recruitment 2014”

Why I am falling out of love with LinkedIn

Hi LinkedIn We need to talk. …. I remember the day we met. It was great. You were the most attractive thing I had seen in ages.  I wanted to spend all my time with you, enjoyed getting to know you better and …uummm…playing around with your features. I got to know lots of your … Continue reading “Why I am falling out of love with LinkedIn”

Recruiters – are you on the right horse?

It is that time of the year in Australia when horses are running around and everyone seems to become interested in the sport of kings. Work becomes less important for a week or so, and the chat around the water cooler is less about who is going to win the highest biller that month and … Continue reading “Recruiters – are you on the right horse?”

7 reasons why your social media strategy sucks

I had another blog already written and ready to go for this week. Surprising for me as I have a knack of being a bit and usually do my homework on the bus on the way into school, so to speak. Anyway, the change was prompted by a conversation that I tuned into on … Continue reading “7 reasons why your social media strategy sucks”