Modern recruitment…. no thanks. I’ll carry on as normal.

If you read articles and blogs about recruitment, listen to some of the experts and thought leaders, and those that would like to think they are (including me!), you will understand that the way recruitment agencies work should be changing. These experts tell us that it’s all about being able to do what companies and their … Continue reading “Modern recruitment…. no thanks. I’ll carry on as normal.”

The only 3 questions any recruiter needs to ask….

Most of us recruiters these days, will be operating in a candidate short market. So, regardless of how well you have adapted to new sourcing channels and technologies, for most of us the major challenge is finding the quality of talent in the volumes that our clients require. It would be nice if our markets were … Continue reading “The only 3 questions any recruiter needs to ask….”

Recruiters – you’ve kicked your last goal for the year….now do this…

It’s that time of year again recruiters. You’ve turned up week after week in all conditions; you have put yourself through the wringer in pursuit of glory; taken the knocks and got back up time and time again; and here you are ….at the end of the season again…..otherwise know as end of financial year (for may … Continue reading “Recruiters – you’ve kicked your last goal for the year….now do this…”

“There is no place for ethics in recruitment”

According to a prospective client that I met this week, there is no place in his business for someone who puts ethics high on their list of importance, and any agency that says the opposite are either liars or on the fast track to going bust. Took me a little while to digest this. It … Continue reading ““There is no place for ethics in recruitment””

Recruiters – why do what you do?

The standard answer to the question “How did you get in to recruitment?” is something along the lines of “I fell into it”. For some, that experience doesn’t last very long. But why do those of us that stick around, stick around? At the end of the day it’s not the easiest gig in the … Continue reading “Recruiters – why do what you do?”

Recruiters – don’t crack the sads when it goes wrong.

People eh…they can be very frustrating… especially when they don’t do what you expect or want. And  for recruiters, that can be a nightmare. If you haven’t had someone ‘no show’ for an interview, turn down an offer, accept a counter offer or something similar then you probably haven’t been in recruitment long enough to legitimately call … Continue reading “Recruiters – don’t crack the sads when it goes wrong.”

So, you think your role is ‘exclusive’.

If there is one word that is overused in recruitment, apart from ‘entrepreneurial’ and ‘hot’ it is exclusivity. If I had a dollar for every time I saw someone advertise a role that is ‘exclusive’ I would be a millionaire…..and if I added a dollar for every role that was ‘hot’ I’d be a trillionaire! … Continue reading “So, you think your role is ‘exclusive’.”

Fantasy Recruitment – whose in your team?

I admit that I was struggling to come up with something to write about for this week’s blog. It’s not that it hasn’t been a typically eventful week in our office with the usual mix of champagne and razorblades. But last night, when I should have been thinking about what to write, picking my Supercoach team … Continue reading “Fantasy Recruitment – whose in your team?”

Customer service – who cares anyway?

I got back from a short visit to the UK yesterday. Having done this trip pretty regularly over the last few years, I have become accustomed to the routine and glad to say that apart from the odd hiccup, it was pretty standard. However I did notice something different this time. It seems as though everyone in the … Continue reading “Customer service – who cares anyway?”