LinkedIn neighbourhood watch….who made you the boss?

Who should decide what is appropriate content for LinkedIn? Because a lot of people think it’s them! “This is a professional networking site –keep it professional”. “This isn’t Facebook”. It seems that there are more and more self appointed LinkedIn police out there, getting angry with anyone who uses their beloved platform for anything that … Continue reading “LinkedIn neighbourhood watch….who made you the boss?”

Post-truth recruitment

Post truth: Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief: The ‘post truth’ phenomenon has been popularised on the back of the fun and games that was Clinton v Trump. Apparently, post truth articles got more views and shares on … Continue reading “Post-truth recruitment”

9 common misconceptions recruiters have….about recruiters

There are a lot of misconceptions about recruiters from ‘the outside world’. But there are also quite a lot of misconceptions from within the industry….things I hear and read about which bare little resemblance to the actual reality of recruitment today. Here are some of the more common ones: Employing more ‘sales’ type people will mean you … Continue reading “9 common misconceptions recruiters have….about recruiters”

It’s not about the size of your network…

Some recruiters seem to have a pretty loose interpretation about certain things. They refer to businesses that they have never done work with as ‘clients’. They claim that they are ‘specialists’ in their sector after just a few months of experience. They brand themselves as ‘the market leading agency in the sector’ based on absolutely nothing. They also have some odd ideas … Continue reading “It’s not about the size of your network…”

Anyone can recruit, right?

I think the idea of hiring someone is largely seen by most as something pretty much anyone can do. It doesn’t really take a lot of skill or experience, not like being an accountant or engineer. It’s the sort of thing anyone can turn their hand to. A bit like karaoke. Right? Wrong. Most non-recruiters really don’t … Continue reading “Anyone can recruit, right?”

Partnership…or partnershit?

As those of you that regularly tune in to this blog will know, one of my biggest gripes with the recruitment industry is the over use of certain buzz words and phrases. You see them commonly appearing in job adverts and on LinkedIn updates, often churned out by unimaginative recruiters who have just picked up the … Continue reading “Partnership…or partnershit?”

So, you think you are ambitious….

  Ambition is a good thing…some would argue it’s practically an essential part of being a successful recruiter. After all, there are easier ways to pay the mortgage, so if you are not interested in the future rewards why put up with the many challenges that comes with this job? So I love to see … Continue reading “So, you think you are ambitious….”

Recruitment – WTF !

Recruitment can be a stressful job. There are lots of opportunities to get frustrated, disappointed and sometimes angry….even the most mild mannered of recruiters will have found themselves a little hot under the collar now and then. I’ve read lots of blogs, and probably written a few about the best way to deal with these situations and … Continue reading “Recruitment – WTF !”

Taking a break….

The Written Reference is taking a break this week… is our annual conference ….and when I say annual conference I really mean an excuse for us to get down to the beach for the night, celebrate some good results with a few beverages …and claim it all on tax because we will probably talk about work … Continue reading “Taking a break….”

Is the need for experience over-rated in recruitment?

I get that the majority of recruitment agencies want experience when they hire a consultant. If I were looking for someone for my business I would ideally want someone with years of experience in my sector and a ready made network of contacts – plug in an go. Lovely jubbly. Lovely jubbly it may be… but there … Continue reading “Is the need for experience over-rated in recruitment?”