The blame game.

Dear Hiring Manager I was sorry to hear that John has left your business after only 2 months. However I am confused as to why you think this was my fault. My role was to provide you with a qualified shortlist of candidates based on the criteria you gave me. The thorough recruitment process I undertook … Continue reading “The blame game.”

Candidate Exclusivity… I want YOURS

Those of you who have read past posts will know that I am a Rec2Rec…  I source, and place the best recruiters in the market into reputable agency brands… Tough job I’ve got – no seriously, I have a tough job. My candidates are recruiters and my clients are recruiters – oh, and I’m a … Continue reading “Candidate Exclusivity… I want YOURS”

Recruiters – can you answer these 3 questions?

When I first talk to a recruiter who is looking for a new job, I will always ask them 3 questions. The answers separate the good recruiters from the average. They tell me whether a person takes their recruitment career seriously or are just hopping from one job to the next .They indicate whether a … Continue reading “Recruiters – can you answer these 3 questions?”

Recruiters-The New Madmen

Most CEOs realise the importance of securing the best people in their industry. Having the top talent working for you gives you a huge advantage over your competition. Whilst most companies will  have developed a compelling message that they are ‘the’ place to work,  the reality is that majority don’t do much with it. It … Continue reading “Recruiters-The New Madmen”