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After months of planning, weeks of running around like headless chooks, days of arguing over content (and there was some robust arguments… believe me), hours of pretending we know how to code a website, minutes of searching for funky social media buttons and seconds of second guessing… we have launched our new business… and we haven’t been this excited since pubs started providing free wi-fi…

Watson Collard… like the name? We do… took us ages to come up with… but in the end we just used our surnames… genius.

webhomeimage1What are we all about?

Well, for too long rec2rec has been a much-maligned part of the recruitment industry. It has probably been seen more as a necessary evil by many and tolerated, rather than preferred. That’s what many of you have been saying anyway.

So we thought it was about time for something new…

Yes we are still doing recruitment, but we are approaching it in a different way that firstly addresses the basic problem of finding good recruiters – we have access to at least 30% more recruiters than our clients or competitors – and secondly a way to share the risk with our clients through a different way of charging.

And on top of that we are offering training and consulting services. Why? Well, we believe that there is a gap in agencies ability to access up to date and relevant advice and training around important – business critical – tools like social media presence, remuneration modelling, benchmarking, blogging and much, much more! We know the recruitment industry is continuing to change and we all need to adapt. And we know what is working out there & what is not  – after all we spend all our days speaking and working with recruiters and agencies.

So there you have it…. We are a recruitment company that trains, a training company that consults and a consulting company that recruits.

craig, megan, jennifer, luke

craig, megan, jennifer, luke

We are not going to claim that we are about to change the world and make it all perfect. But it is about offering something more than just recruitment, done the same old way it has always been done. Something that actually addresses the changes and challenges that our industry faces.

We are not going to go on and on here…. we don’t want to be rude and we know you come here more for a giggle than a sales pitch…and we will do that in our regular blog … posted on our regular day… featuring the regular borderline intelligence and humour. But please check out our new website, or even better give us a call.

Thanks for your ongoing support and we’ll see you again on Thursday…


Craig Watson & Luke Collard


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