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Welcome to The Written Reference, a weekly look at the recruitment industry, sometimes serious but often light hearted. Started in 2011 by it is now recognised as one of the leading recruitment industry blogs with a reputation for cutting through the usual corporate blurb and telling it how it really is.

We encourage feedback and believe the issues and challenges in our industry are better tackled via interaction and comment.  So, if you like what we say, or think we are talking nonsense let us know. We hope you enjoy and we look forward to developing a ‘thought community’ that offers real value to recruiters in Australia ….and beyond.

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wattoI ‘fell’ into recruitment in 1994 – like everyone… Years in recruitment roughly equates to equivalent dog years, so I am a veteran – whether I like it or not.  Over the journey I have recruited across various sectors including; Business Support, Education, Accounting & Finance, Industrial and IT, and  three continents – Australia, Europe and Asia.  Most of my professional network includes Recruitment Consultants, Managers and Owners, so it made perfect sense to take the leap of faith into Rec2Rec.

‘Blogging’ is a great outlet for me to rant, lecture and comment on the challenges in our industry, and it makes a difference from all of the  ‘How to run a profitable Temp desk in an economic downturn’ type articles that seem to be regurgitated en masse every three or so months – and passed off as original thought.

I love The Mighty Tiges, Chelsea, Golf, Horseracing and… well… to be honest almost any sport –  with the possible exception of synchronised swimming, rhythmic gymnastics and that pointless Red Bull air race garbage. I live in Melbourne with my wonderful wife, and amazing two boys.

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Craig is Director of WatsonCollard, specialising in recruitment (Rec2Rec), training and consulting to the recruitment industry. If you would like to speak to Craig regarding recruitment, training, consulting services, or advertising on this blog please complete the below and we will be in touch shortly.


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