A typical day in recruitment…..and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle !

not-what-you-thinkTaking five minutes out of a busy day yesterday, I stumbled across this YouTube clip from Robert Half. It was an employee-branding piece and depicted a typical day in the life of two of their consultants.

If you can’t be bothered sitting through the three minutes and fifty two seconds, the general gist is two good looking recruiters having the time of their lives. Their day starts with a sprightly jog along Bondi beach before heading into the office and the morning meeting, where we see them adopting serious looking business type faces before a moment of great hilarity and back slapping. Into the day proper …..cue lots of sharp looking types standing up speaking into headphones and arm gesturing enthusiastically as they ‘make deals’ (think Wolf of Walstreet minus the naked brass band). It all finishes with our two protagonists enjoying a glass of wine and beer and looking forward to more of the same tomorrow. A happier two people I have rarely seen !!!

It was what you would probably expect from a video designed to attract people into recruitment and into their business….and good on Robert Half for doing something like this. OK, I might think the content is a little cheesy but as the industry moves more and more to looking outside of the industry for new talent, this types of strategy makes sense.

But I compared the typical day of a Robert Half recruiter with my day…

Awoken at 6.30am by a client who wanted to re-schedule a day of interviews I had lined up. I am a bit hungover from celebrating a deal I made yesterday so could do without this. So before I have had a shower and coffee, I am on the phone trying to re-organise four people’s diaries.

I get into the office and the first email is the candidate I had just placed (or so I thought!). He tells me his present company have counter-offered him and he is thinking about staying. So then I am into fire fighting mode and back and forth with client and candidate thinking about how I can resurrect this deal. Not how I was planning to spend my morning.

I have to put that on hold when my interview arrives. Really keen to meet this chap as his background looks great and I have a number of clients that would take him in a heartbeat. Ten minutes later I have changed my mind. How disappointing!

Fast forward to lunch which is a rather disappointing cheese sandwich at my desk, as I catch up on what I was planning to do today.

I thankfully get a good run in the afternoon. It seems like I have managed to talk my candidate down from the counter offer cliff and he is now back on board. And I pick up a great role with a new client. Plus, the feedback from the client who ‘rudely’ woke me up this morning is really positive too. Things are looking up. “But I want to talk about your fee Luke”. Maybe not !

OK, I chose a particularly challenging day ! But I  bet that my day is probably more typical of most recruiter’s day than our friends at Robert Half. It’s champagne and razor blades, highs and lows, brilliant and rewarding but also frustrating, laughter and tears.

It is great that the recruitment industry is looking outside for new talent and selling the positives about the industry. But we also need to be careful that the message we are putting out there is realistic and not a sugar coated version of an industry that, quite frankly, can be bloody tough and not for everyone. The world doesn’t need any more jaded ex-recruiters who quickly realised that recruitment was far away from the sunshine lollipops and rainbows dream they were sold.

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Luke Collard


6 thoughts on “A typical day in recruitment…..and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle !

  1. Nigel Mills on Reply

    Perhaps ‘a day in the life’ of recruitment is vastly different when you are ridiculously good-looking? What I’d give to find out! Until then, my candidates & clients will just have to make do with me!

    1. lukecollard on Reply

      Yes – this was pointed out to me by my partner in crime…alas was too late to change as the blog was self prophetic as the day descended into ‘one of those days in recruitment’ !

  2. Sandra on Reply

    I always enjoy your articles. As a recruiter of 18 years I’ve seen many come and go with their dreams of fine dining and champagne however they always take away an amazing set of skills as we need to master the whole gammit – sales, customer service, admin, project coordination, account management etc – hard to find a job that gives you such a board scope.

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