2013… Goodbye, Farewell & Amen…

Wow! Where did 2013 go? No seriously… where the hell did the year go?

There’s been a massive change in the domestic & global recruitment landscape over the past 12 months… massive.

I wrote a prediction blog back in January  – Things that will happen in the world of recruitment (and beyond) in 2013 – unfortunately, I didn’t publish it on the website (so you’ll just have to believe in its authenticity). The reason I didn’t publish it was that I thought some of the predictions were a little too over the top – even for me.

goodbye1Anyway, below is a short summary of some of those predictions…

  • HJB will become a casualty of their own ineptitude.
  • Australia will have 3 different Prime Ministers before October.
  • 173 blogs will be published on the topis of Top 5 tips for Interviews.
  • In the July – Sept quarter the numbers in work in the UK will soar by 250,000.
  • Seasonally adjusted internet job ads for skilled roles in Australia will firm 1.1% sequentially in November.

I know what you are thinking… there were 174 blogs published for the year on the Top 5 tips for Interviews… not 173… and there is still almost 2 full weeks left in 2013.

Anyway, I digress…

Point is, both Luke and I have a lot to say. It may not always be relevant to you as an individual… and you may not always agree with our take on things… but week in – week out we try to add value to your role and career in recruitment in the best way we know how.

So… THANK YOU! Thank you for your continued support and thank you for sharing and discussing our blogs in your workplace… but most of all thank you for interacting. A blog is nothing without discussion and debate.

In the 2 years we have been doing this we have had over 100,000 views and over 650 comments (not including the spam!). That fills us with an enormous sense of gratitude and a belief that we can continue to add real value to the industry.

In that vein we are already planning for 2014.

Based on your feedback and requests, we are launching some fresh, interactive and relevant offerings for 2014! We have real, validated data on the state and trends of our industry to share with you. We will be ramping up our commitment to presenting at conferences, and consulting directly to the industry. We will be launching some dedicated recruitment industry training in the areas of Social Media, Blog Writing, Sourcing Techniques and Current Recruitment Consulting Techniques.

Office ChampionshipLike you, we run a fully functioning desk – and we speak to Recruitment Consultants & Recruitment Business Owners every stinking day! If that doesn’t keep us in tune with the challenges you face I don’t know what does!

And… if you need anymore convincing (in this gratuitously marketing based Christmas post), check out this completely unsolicited endorsement from my presentation to the RCSA International Conference in August this year….

‘I thought this session was fabulous because it ANSWERED questions rather than simply raising them. Craig provided buckets of good hard data that was immediately useful…’ Delegate RCSA International Conference 2013

Thanks Mum! Please feel free to contact us directly for further details…

We look forward to continuing our support of your growth through 2014 and beyond.

From both Luke and I have a wonderful Christmas (if you don’t celebrate Christmas I’m sure you’re still taking the public holidays on offer – so enjoy).

Oh, and to the English Cricket fans out there… suffer in your jocks!

Luke asked me to delete the line above, but I politely declined!

Merry Christmas and see you in 2014!

Craig Watson & Luke Collard



12 thoughts on “2013… Goodbye, Farewell & Amen…

  1. Craig Smith on Reply

    Great post, Have a great Christmas guys. Looking forward to a coffee when I finally return home. ( Staying neutral over the cricket with all the splinters in my backside.)

  2. Richard Easton on Reply

    Luke / Craig, thank you for continuing your blog. I find it both humorous and helpful. I have a team of new consultants and I share your blog with them often creating healthy debates around the office. Have a safe and merry Christmas and may you achieve all your business goals in 2014.

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