2 things… Do them… Do them Now!

Down here in this part of freezing Australia 2 things happen this time of year.

  1. We finally pass the winter solstice. Days will become longer and we can kid ourselves that they will become warmer too… ahem… that’s not an invitation for our Queensland friends to bang on about their year round beach weather… or the mighty Maroons!
  2. AccountantIt’s new financial year time. A festival of Accountants if you will… where the plaid grey on grey brigade let their hair down for one night. Replacing their digital calculators with shots of jagermeister.

But my question to recruiters is… What are you doing to prepare for the new financial year?

It’s a time when many of your clients will have revisited their business plan… made changes to their headcount strategy… identified growth in new areas. And what about candidates? They may be feeling the need for a change, driven by weather, structure, missing out on a pay rise/promotion at annual review.

Have you done anything to capitalise? Anything at all?

This time of year is perfect to do 2 things… that’s right 2 things…

  1. accountant2Contact every trading and lapsed Client – Call them… and ask to buy them a coffee to discuss their plans for the new financial year. Sure global clients operate on different fin years, but explain to them that many of their competitors have introduced new business plans and you would be happy to share what the most common trends are. I guarantee you that you will pick up a lot of client visits, and (assuming of course you know how to run a client meeting – if not talk to me about training), you will pick up a lot of new job orders!
  2. Contact every Candidate you met and didn’t place in the last 12 months – Ask to buy them a coffee to discuss their plans for the new financial year. (if you don’t like coffee… replace with tea… or mineral water… or wine). When you meet with them ask if they are enjoying their role/company… ask them if they have had a salary review recently… ask about their motivators and where they see themselves over the next year. Again you will pick up some new, strong candidates to take to market.

accountant3There you have it… nice and easy. Every recruiter should be following the above advice at least twice every year… New Financial Year & Christmas.

You’re welcome…

Craig Watson


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