10 (not so serious) predictions for recruitment 2014

2014So…the end is near…. and now we’ve reached the final curtain…for 2013 anyway. And, as seems customary around this time of the year, the blogosphere will be full of reviews of the year just gone and predictions about the next. These will appear alongside the painfully obvious “15 Things Not To Do At Your Christmas Party” type blogs, including such sage advice as avoiding telling your boss it’s not your fault he didn’t appreciate your naked freestyle breakdancing.

Firstly, my review of 2013…. tough and glad it’s over!  Enough said

Now for my predictions for 2014……..

1. You will continue to see articles berating the recruitment industry as a bunch of money hungry cowboys lacking any form of morals or integrity (usually written by headline hungry cowboys lacking any form of morals or integrity !)

2. At least once during the year, you will seriously consider leaving recruitment. …. maybe to write that book, open a jam making business or just do something different.

3. Under performing recruitment businesses will continue to just say “it’s the market – we will be fine when the economy picks up again”

4. So called ‘experts’ will continue to talk about the end of recruitment agencies (probably the same people that so accurately predicted Y2K).

5. Your heart will sink when the ‘brilliant’ candidate that you spoke to yesterday and you have lined up to meet your best client turns up to meet you in a boob tube, cut-off denim shorts, thongs and sporting a sleeve of ink work (or something equally inappropriate)

6. You will attend at least one training session or seminar, come out feeling super motivated, and then never implement a thing that you learnt.

7. You will continue to develop a small addiction to coffee / wine / the gym / expensive shiny things……

8. At some point you will log a couple of fake sales calls so you can get away early on a Friday….(you’re only human).

9. You will make one, huge almighty f*k up. Mine this year, which I cannot mention due to legal reasons,  was slightly worse than my other big mistake when I ordered 500 business cards with the wrong spelling of my name (although Luka Collaro does have a nice ring to it).

10. England will go out of the World Cup on penalties (nothing to do with recruitment, but this one I guarantee !)

Sound similar to 2013…. and 2012, 2011 and every year before then?

I am sure the year ahead will bring some very exciting trends, innovations developments and fresh challenges for us recruiters. But I will leave those predictions and foresight to others. Most importantly recruitment 2014 will also mean working with some awesome people, having lots of laughs, helping people and earning a good living, So I will be back in 2014 to enjoy it all again!!!!

Luke Collard 


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