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Being recruiters, our own careers often take a back seat while we work hard to find other people great roles and many people think that working within recruitment makes changing jobs easier. This is not always the case and looking for a new job, no matter the industry, can be very stressful.

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Recruitment… jobs for people… or people for jobs?

I’m back! After a short blog hiatus I’ve got something to say… hope you like it! It doesn’t matter what click bait you throw on LinkedIn… if it’s controversial enough… and divides opinion enough you will go viral. A couple of weeks ago I posted the below observation. Over 630,000 views… 2,500 likes and 600

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Don’t Pay the Ferryman… A Recruitment Industry Parable…

Who would have thought? Back in ’82 when Chris De Burgh penned the classic tune Don’t Pay the Ferryman he was actually… consciously or otherwise… responsible for the most concise… yet overreaching… thought process clients run through when dealing with the recruitment industry in history! Don’t pay the Ferryman (substitute Recruiter) Don’t even fix a

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Death of the 457 Recruiter…

Ouch. That’s blunt. After all, wasn’t Recruiter protected under the new visa guidelines released last month? Not like the unfortunate Goat Farmer… Potter… or Archaeologist… who sadly are no longer deemed worthy of such an honour. We all rejoiced and breathed a long… satisfying sigh of relief and promptly choofed off to Ryan’s Bar…. Or

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